DIGITAL WINDOWS by  int-AR-act technologies.  

DIGITAL WINDOWS is a revolutionary transparent LED technology that will change digital signage and the way it is experienced.

Clients are no longer forced to choose between digital signage and open sight lines. Transparent LED technology enables clients to have both digital signage AND open sight lines–connecting environments in a way never before possible.

Potential applications are limitless:

Retailers   –   Brands   –   Auto Dealerships   –   Museums   –   Casinos   –   Trade Shows   –   Special Events   –   Stadiums   –   Arenas   –   Banks   –   Architects   –   Designers   –   Transportation   –   Aviation   –    and many others

Please visit our YouTube channel for dynamic video of this revolutionary technology, and watch DIGITAL WINDOWS come to life.


We have big ideas

Wayne Schulman

Advisory Board Member

Wayne Schulman is a distribution specialist, video expert and member of the Advisory Board of int-AR-act technologies. Mr. Schulman is a highly respected career, professional in the video industry and Associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers. He brings his experience, connections and unique market insight to advise int-AR-act technologies and the launch of DIGITAL-WINDOWS, transparent LED technology.

Keith Carpentier

Managing Director

Mr. Carpentier has over 20 years experience in the Retail and Consumer Products industry. He is a trusted partner to: TJX Cos., Walgreens, CVS, JPM Chase, Wells Fargo, Hershey, Apple & many others. He is an industry leader on impulse revenue creation, in-store experience, and leveraging new technologies to engage, delight, and activate the customer.

Most recently, Mr. Carpentier has launched the new, DIGITAL-WINDOWS, transparent LED technology in the United States. For the first time, digital signage can be used to connect environments–not divide them. DIGITAL-WINDOWS will bring interior + exterior spaces together in a way never before possible, and provide a platform for rich digital content to engage + activate the consumer.

Mr. Carpentier is a founding partner of int-AR-act technologies.

Joe Floccari

Creative Director

Winner of three Emmy Awards, Mr. Flocarri joins int-AR-act technologies as Creative Director.

An expert in the field of broadcast journalism, image capture and Emmy Award winning editor, Mr. Floccari will lead content creation and development. Rich content will bring life to the innovative technologies at int-AR-act.

Prior to joining int-AR-act, Mr. Floccari worked as a professional cameraman for CNN, ABC, and others. He has filmed celebrities and dignitaries, including the President of the United States, at locations around the world.

Joseph G. Leung

Financial Director

Based in London, England, Mr. Leung serves as the Financial Director for int-AR-act technologies. Mr. Leung has worked for over 20 years in the financial industry, supporting the likes of Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and many others.

Mr. Leung and his network of global financial partners provide int-AR-act technologies with necessary capital to ensure liquidity and financial stability to fulfill any size program.

Dina Meindl

Sales Director

Dina is a highly accomplished sales professional. She specializes in store planning + fixturing + retail display + merchandising and graphics.

Ms. Meindl, has developed million dollar programs for multiple companies over her career. int-AR-act technologies is proud to have Dina as Director of Sales and leading business development activities.

Dina is also a graduate of F.I.T [Fashion Institute of Technology] and is active in alumni programs to support youth engagement in the fashion and visual industries.




Our Services

Making the impossible possible. That’s what we do.

With a technical team led by the former heads of Bose interactive, int-AR-act technologies is a visual technology company dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and installing captivating visual experiences.  Our technologies and solutions range from basic product displays to cutting edge technologies, and our creative teams can help develop content that brings them all to life.  Once a system is developed and manufactured, our installation teams can help deploy and install programs throughout the Americas.

int-AR-act offers a curated selection of proprietary technologies that provides maximum ROI [Investment] + ROE [Experience], including:

DIGITAL-WINDOWS Transparent LED digital signage

Back lit displays + tension fabric

Digital signage for POP

Interactive fixtures & displays

Augmented Reality

& more coming soon

The digital age demands innovation.  int-AR-act technologies delivers.


Ultra Bright

6000+ nits brightness. Standard LED is only 1500 nits.

Brighter than daylight with at very low heat signature. No need for ventilation or risk of overheating.

75% Transparency

Visual surprise + the unexpected

Allows clear sight into the environment while providing rich digital content.

Plug + Play

Our displays offer a plug n’ play option that reduces installation costs and allows custom designs!

Ultra Thin

Our displays have amazing ultra thin technology!

Only 2 to 4 inches in thickness!

Awesomeness meets


– Est. 2007 –


Check out some of our brilliant displays
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